Our Story

From a young age, our founders both learned the magic of showing up for others.

Leah’s mom planned crafts for her and her sister to express their creativity. Before the start of each school year, Leah baked and delivered cookies to new students. This playful and warm energy inspires Leah’s art and its no wonder she met her match in Clay.

Clay uses words to show gratitude for the smallest moments. His family writes often and with intention - a postcard while traveling, a letter just to say hello.

Together, the Hughes remind us the thoughtful details often mean the most. Kamu represents an act of love, the joy of bringing joy to the people around us.

What does "KAmu" Mean?

Our name, Kamu, is inspired by the term kama muta - a positive emotion felt by all cultures that describes our physical response to connection. Literally translating to "moved by love," kama muta is a sudden warmth in your chest, goosebumps or even tears, when you feel a oneness with others.

Our Founders

Meet Leah and Clay

Founded by Leah and Clay Hughes, Kamu is a lifestyle brand rooted in a love of gathering. Between Clay's talent for writing thank you notes and Leah's enthusiasm for making guests feel welcome in their Savannah home, the couple started Kamu to provide resources for showing love in a thoughtful and personalized way. Kamu offers inspiration to create delightful experiences, with every product promoting connection and the beauty of togetherness.

Our Values


Kamu believes in an open mind and outstretched hand. We honor traditions but welcome new ideas and perspectives with a humble and generous spirit.

Fostering Connection

We remain true to our mission to promote togetherness. We believe gathering with others and showing love in meaningful ways is what strengthens our relationships and enriches the human experience.

Attention to detail

Our commitment to thoughtfulness is woven across our brand through craftsmanship and quality. Every Kamu product reflects personal and intentional touches that impact customers.

Joyful Creativity

Kamu celebrates playful and elegant design. Our products invite you to tap into your own creativity and inspire delight for the ones you love.